Trail sponsorship programme

Summerhill Trails attract significant numbers of out of region riders, so sponsorship of our trails will benefit local businesses with brand exposure throughout the Trails. By sponsoring you are also going to look like good buggers for supporting the park and stepping up to further the mountain biking cause and keep the good times rolling.

What you get for being a trail sponsor

  • Sponsorship acknowledgment of your chosen trail
  • End of trail sponsorship signage with your logo
  • Your logo on the sponsor’s board at the park entrance
  • Your logo and acknowledgment on the MTBTGA website
  • Acknowledgment of sponsorship on MTBTGA social media
  • Free participation in our annual sponsor’s engagement race / social event day
  • Your donation helps to support our Opportunities Programme (OGroup). Being part of the OGroup gives young riders who are experiencing financial difficulties the opportunity to assist with ongoing trail development in the return for credits to help pay for riding equipment, race entry fees, etc. To learn more about the OGroup visit our website
  • Good trail karma!

If you think you or your business would like to get your name up in the park as a sponsor, please contact [email protected].

Mountainbike Tauranga also offers the opportunity for individuals to support our trail building activities. Whilst we would prefer an annual contribution we would also be very happy with one-off contributions.


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Show your support now

  • Optional Annual Sponsorship; A tax Invoice will be issued for sponsorship for $250 and above. (Sponsorship has no GST as we are not GST registered)
  • All money goes into an MTBTGA specific bank account which is audited annually with MTBTGA accounts
  • This is a great way to support the trail building for riders who can’t make Dig Days. ongoing and further development of the Summerhill
    Trail network.